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Published: 2021-05-28

Implementing community-based participatory research among African Americans with serious and persistent mental illness: A qualitative study

Lindsay Sheehan, Sonya Ballentine, Lorenzo Washington, Mark Canser, John Connor, Renee Jones, Edward Laster, Khalilah Muhammad, Scott Noble, Rhonda Smith, Gary Walley, Carla Kundert, Patrick Corrigan

Community social network pattern analysis: Development of a novel methodology using a complex, multi-level health intervention

Jean Butel, Kathryn L Braun, James Davis, Andrea Bersamin, Travis Fleming, Patricia Coleman, Rachael Leon Guerrero, Rachel Novotny

Undergraduate students’ perceptions of community engagement: A snapshot of a public research university in Canada

Sarika Haque, Taylor Krawec, Joan Chu, Tammy Wong, Mohammad Chowdhury, Turin Tanvir Chowdhury