Vol 7, No 1 (2014)

Gateways' seventh volume features articles that were originally presented at CU Expo 2013: Engaging Shared Worlds. This international conference is designed to showcase the best practices in community-university partnerships worldwide, and create opportunities for innovative and successful collaborations. This volume of Gateways demonstrates the creative and innovative ways in which academic researchers and knowledgeable community groups can work together to produce results that are important and useful to community, academics and policy makers. Many of the articles included here are co-authored, ensuring that partnership remains the hallmark of the research, right through to dissemination of results.

Table of Contents

Research articles (Refereed)

Engaging evaluation research: Reflecting on the process of sexual assault/domestic violence protocol evaluation research PDF
Mavis Morton, Anne Bergen, Melissa Horan, Sara Crann, Danielle Bader, Linzy Bonham 1–17
Breathing life into theory: Illustrations of community-based research – Hallmarks, functions and phases PDF
Joanna Ochocka, Rich Janzen 18–33
Communities of knowledge and knowledge of communities: An appreciative inquiry into rural wellbeing PDF
Kathleen May Kevany, Margaret MacMichael 34–51
Using simulation to educate police about mental illness: A collaborative initiative PDF
Wendy Stanyon, Bill Goodman, Marjory Whitehouse 52–66
Access to health services in Western Newfoundland, Canada: Issues, barriers and recommendations emerging from a community-engaged research project PDF
Janelle Hippe, Victor Maddalena, Sara Heath, Beulah Jesso, Marion McCahon, Kim Olson 67–84
Engaging Canadian youth in conversations: Using knowledge exchange in school-based health promotion PDF
Donna Murnaghan, Courtney Laurence, Brandi Bell, Melissa Munro-Bernard 85–100
The Farm to Fork project: Community-engaged scholarship from community partners' perspective PDF
Monika Korzun, Corey Alexander, Lee-Jay Cluskey-Belanger, Danielle Fudger, Lisa Needham, Kate Vsetula, Danny Williamson, Daniel Gillis 101–115

Practice-based articles (Non-refereed)

Shared voices, different worlds: Process and product in the Food Dignity action research project PDF
Christine M. Porter, Hank Herrera, Daryl Marshall, Gayle M. Woodsum 116–28
What have we learnt? A year on from the first UK Community Partner Summit PDF
Kim Aumann, Angie Hart, Sophie Duncan 129–43
Creating inclusive spaces for partnership: Responses from local leaders engaged in a community-university partnership centre PDF
Kara Mileski, Abdulkhaliq Mohamed, Rosemarie Hunter 144–56

Snapshots (Non-refereed)

The Article Idea Chart: A participatory action research tool to aid involvement in dissemination PDF
Cheryl Forchuk, Amanda Meier 157–63
University and community partnerships in South Sulawesi, Indonesia: Enhancing community capacity and promoting democratic governance PDF
Sri Mastuti, Ambo Masse, Ramsiah Tasruddin 164–73