Engaging evaluation research: Reflecting on the process of sexual assault/domestic violence protocol evaluation research

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Mavis Morton
Anne Bergen
Melissa Horan
Sara Crann
Danielle Bader
Linzy Bonham


In keeping within the theme of CU Expo 2013, ‘Engaging Shared Worlds’, this case study examines and reflects on a complex community-university partnership which developed to conceptualise, design, conduct and communicate evaluation research on one community’s sexual assault and domestic violence protocol. As community-university partners coming together for the first time, we reflect on the purpose of our engagement, the characteristics and principles which define our partnership and our potential to teach graduate students how to undertake community-engaged scholarship.

Keywords: Community-engaged research, evaluation research, complex community-university partnerships, scholarship of engagement, practice research

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Author Biographies

Mavis Morton, University of Guelph

Sociology and Anthropology Assistant Professor

Anne Bergen, University of Guelph

Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship University of Guelph

Sara Crann, University of Guelph

Ph.D. student, Psychology University of Guelph

Danielle Bader, University of Guelph

M.A. student Criminology and Criminal Justice Policy University of Guelph

Linzy Bonham

Coordinator, Guelph Wellington Action Committee on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence