Vol 12 No 1 (2019)

This volume of Gateways marks some important firsts for our journal. It is the first volume under our new partnership between UTS Shopfront Community Program at the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, and the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University, USA; it is our first 'open' volume, to which new articles will be added over the coming months, as soon as they are ready for publication; and it is the first volume to feature a research article that has come through our Author+Editor mentoring program for engaged scholars from historically underrepresented countries. More on that in February! As ever, we thank you, our readers and authors, for your continued interest in our journal.   

Table of Contents

Research articles (Refereed)

Caitlin K Kirby, Citralina Haruo, Kyle P Whyte, Julie C Libarkin, Chris Caldwell, Rebecca Edler
Article ID 5894
Leah Levac, Ann B Denis
Article ID 6193
Alfred Kitawi
Article ID 6150
Martha Fanjoy, Bronwyn Bragg
Article ID 6342

Practice-based articles (Non-refereed)

Pearl A McElfish, Brett Rowland, Britni L Ayers, Gail E O'Connor, Rachel S Purvis, Nia Aitaoto, Lucy Capelle, Melisa Laelan, Holly C Felix, M Kathryn Stewart, Karen HK Yeary
Article ID 6198
Osnat Wine, Irena Buka, Alan Day, Susan Terris, Mary-Ann Clarkes, Lesley Brennan, Alvaro Osornio Vargas, Katharina Kovacs Burns
Article ID 6013

Snapshots (Non-refereed)

Heiden C Anorico
Article ID 5944
Lisa B. Adams, Theodore R. Alter, Margot W. Parkes, Michael Reid, Andrew P. Woolnough
Article ID 6496