Vol 8 No 1 (2015)

Welcome to our latest volume of Gateways. Over the past eight years of publishing this journal, we have been constantly impressed by the calibre, complexity and ambition of the work under discussion. This volume is no different. Just two examples: the article by Jones et al. explores a long-term, multi-pronged and multi-party collaboration that is delivering real health and education outcomes to children in remote New South Wales, Australia; while Saylors et al. provide a detailed account of their innovative efforts involving various levels of government, rural communities and public health and animal health institutions to better understand human-animal disease transmission in Vietnam. Also noteworthy in this collection is the strong social justice aims of much of the research - from work with the homeless sector in Canada to youth leadership initiatives in Michigan, USA.

Table of Contents

Research articles (Refereed)

Debra Maria Jones, David Lyle, Claire Brunero, Lindy McAllister, Trish Webb, Stuart Riley
Karen Saylors, Tue Ngo Tri, Toan Tran Khanh, Kiet Bach Tuan, Heiman FL Wertheim, Stephen Baker, Hoa Ngo Thi, Juliet E Bryant
Bruce Wallace, Bernadette Pauly, Kathleen Perkin, Mike Ranfft
Grayson Cooke, Jim Hearn
Carol Mutch, Sarah Yates, Chris Hu
Michael Ungar, Shelly Whitman, Angie Hart, David Phipps
Richard Reed

Practice-based articles (Non-refereed)

Barry Checkoway
Grace Donoho, Pearl McElfish, Rachel Avants, Emily Hallgren

Snapshots (Non-refereed)

Sharon Clancy


Learning and education for a better world by B Hall, D Clover, J Crowther & E Scandrett (eds)
Jennifer Chernega