Oral health education for school children and capacity building of local community health workers in cleft care: An experience of student-led community service in a West Java village

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Erli Sarilita
Adrina Kinindya Putri
Arina Ghaida Faza
Halimah Nisrina Mulyahati
Jasmine Putri Anandita
Nadia Elizabeth Annina
Nur Aulya Hermalina
Zulharistya Prima Sahda


This article presents a program that seeks to establish partnerships between universities and rural villages in West Java provinces, with a focus on health-related activities. The program involves undergraduate students participating in field studies in the community through three activities: educating school children about oral health, providing capacity building for community health workers in managing infants with cleft, and assisting community health workers at Integrated Service Post (Posyandu). The program was developed by scholars at Universitas Padjadjaran and West Bandung Regency of West Java Province to contribute to the development of neighbouring regions. The program has had two significant impacts. First, the undergraduate students are directly involved in the community and can reflect on what they have learned in the context of the community, while also earning credits towards their transcripts. Second, the program has had a positive impact on healthcare by educating various community groups on topics ranging from oral health to early management of infants with orofacial clefts. This program serves as an example of how academic study and community service can be successfully combined to produce positive outcomes for both the students and the community.

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