Democratising the knowledge commons: The shared goals of open and community-engaged scholarship

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Scott William Abbott
Belinda Tiffen


Community-engaged scholarship is at a transitional moment, seeking to effect cultural change in academic and research institutions, which will expand the concept of scholarship to encompass the methodologies and definitions of scholarship embodied in community-university research and engagement. Open scholarship is similarly employed in transforming scholarship to broaden its scope, influence and impact beyond traditional modes of academic practice. Written from the perspective of practitioners of open access publishing, this article explores the development and current state of the open movement and considers intersections and opportunities for collaboration with community-engaged scholarship. 

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Scott William Abbott, University of Technology Sydney (Library)

Manager, Office of Scholarly Communication, UTS Library, University of Technology Sydney 

Belinda Tiffen, University of Technology Sydney (Library)

Belinda Tiffen, Director Library Resources Unit, University Library, University of Technology Sydney


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