Faculty perspectives on rewards and incentives for community-engaged work: A multinational exploratory study

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Trang Vuong
Amy Newcomb Rowe
Lorlene Hoyt
Carol Carrier


Universities around the world are grappling with the challenge of how to best recognise and support community-engaged teaching, research and scholarship. The status quo reveals two major problems: many faculty members express the sentiment that such work is often discounted, and there is a dearth of available information on faculty perspectives at non-US, especially non-Western, institutions. Understanding faculty needs and perceptions may help institutions improve reward systems and community research and engagement. Also, filling the information gap between the Global North and Global South may help policy-makers and educators make higher education more civically engaged and socially responsible. As a global coalition of universities moving beyond the ivory tower, the Talloires Network (TN) is uniquely positioned to provide support for and conduct research on community-engaged work. To better understand engaged faculty attitudes about rewards and incentives, TN launched a pilot survey involving 14 institutions in 11 countries. All of these institutions are members of TN, an international association of 368 institutions in 77 countries committed to strengthening civic engagement. Thirty-eight respondents were chosen based on diverse recruiting requirements. This exploratory study highlights some common opinions about what kind of faculty work is encouraged; whether institutional policies regarding engaged work exist; and how community-engaged work is perceived by colleagues. More importantly, this study contributes to the design and administration of larger surveys on community-engaged work.

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Trang Vuong, Tufts University

Visiting Researcher at the Talloires Network

Amy Newcomb Rowe, Tufts University

Program Manager at the Talloires Network

Lorlene Hoyt, Tufts University

Executive Director of the Talloires Network and Associate Research Professor at Tufts University

Carol Carrier, University of Minnesota

Professor at University of Minnesota