Evidence to impact: A community knowledge mobilisation evaluation framework

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S. Kathleen Worton
Colleen Loomis
S. Mark Pancer
Geoffrey Nelson
Ray DeV. Peters


Many strategies guide knowledge-sharing to enhance uptake of evidence-based programs in practice, though few have been designed specifically for community settings. We highlight the importance of understanding and evaluating knowledge mobilisation in community settings and present a framework for evaluating knowledge mobilisation that captures short-term knowledge use as it relates to community stakeholders’ goals. To examine the utility of this framework, we applied it to the Pan-Canadian knowledge mobilisation activities of Better Beginnings, Better Futures, a community, university and government collaboration to support child development to its full capabilities. Participants included 31 community stakeholders who had attended a Better Beginnings workshop in one of six Canadian provinces and territories. Qualitative phone interviews were conducted to examine the extent to which knowledge mobilisation activities met participants’ learning needs, and how participants had applied the knowledge gained. Findings demonstrate that most participants had used the information, although the ways information was used varied greatly based on the community context. This application of the knowledge mobilisation framework shows it is useful for capturing diverse forms of short-term knowledge use in community settings. Lessons learned through the evaluation were used to refine the framework. The implications of this framework for academic researchers engaged in undertaking and evaluating community knowledge mobilisation are discussed.

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