It had to be ‘Meaghan’. The title of this edition of Cultural Studies Review is our salute to the work of Meaghan Morris and her lasting influence. That legacy is directly addressed in the collection of written works that emerged from the Meaghan Morris Festival held in 2016 (co-edited by Prudence Black, Stephen Muecke and Catherine Driscoll) but it is also echoed in the essays and reviews that are gathered within, that in their very mix speak to the particular tradition of cultural studies, Australian and otherwise, that Meaghan Morris helped so much to create.

Published: 2018-04-20


Chris Healy, Katrina Schlunke, Prudence Black, Stephen Muecke, Catherine Driscoll


Copy Music

Nabeel Zuberi


Animate Intimacies

Astrida Neimanis


Queer Vibrations

Megan Le Masurier