The Brutal Geographies of Yar Khan

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Wendy Alexander


This article attempts an experimental mode to ply the depths of a text’s relationship with its circumstances of production. Deploying an immersive praxis, the analysis aims to activate the autonomy of the short story ‘The Quest of Yar Khan’ through a rich engagement with its materiality, particularly its named geography. Revealing the text’s context in this way offers an opportunity to refresh the view of South Asia in peri-Federation Australia, a circumstance of which this short story is part.

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Wendy Alexander, University of Newcastle

Wendy Alexander is a Conjoint Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Science, University of Newcastle, Australia and Research Associate, Faculty of Arts and Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia. She received her PhD in English and Writing from the University of Newcastle in 2016. Her interdisciplinary interests include applying literary and cultural studies methodologies to environmental issues and to research projects in education.