Vol 20, No 2 (2014)

Locating Memory

Locating Memory

co-edited by Martine Hawkes

The 'Locating Memory' section presents interdisciplinary research originally presented at the Historical Justice and Memory Conference, held in Melbourne in February 2012. The articles critically engage with the theme of the ‘place’ of historical injustice and the circulation of memory at these sites. 

Many of the 'unthemed' articles in issue also evoke 'space' and 'place' in varied ways, offering a refreshing take on such questions as how, as  an experience and a material event, space can produce both another order of politics and another order of being.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF HTML
Chris Healy, Katrina Schlunke 1–4

Locating Memory

Locating Memory: Introduction PDF HTML
Martine Hawkes 5–14
Listening at Uncanny Places: Forced Displacement and Torture as Silencing Processes PDF HTML
Hermann Ruiz 15–38
'Against a Wall': Albania’s Women Political Prisoners’ Struggle to be Heard PDF HTML
Shannon Woodcock 39–65
Exhibiting Loss and Salvaging the Everyday: Photography, Objects and the Missing PDF HTML
Martine Hawkes 66–89
Making Room For Ghosts: Memory, History and Family Biography on Film PDF HTML
Kerreen Ely-Harper 90–114
'I Know That Face' Murundak: Songs of Freedom and the Black Arm Band PDF HTML
Sue Gillett, Charon Freebody 115–40


Aromatherapy Oils: Commodities, Materials, Essences PDF HTML
Ruth Barcan 141–71
‘Welcome to London’: Spectral Spaces in Sherlock Holmes’s Metropolis PDF HTML
Christina Lee 172–95
Canted Desire: Otaku Performance in Japanese Popular Culture PDF HTML
Yuji Sone 196–222

New Writing

Performing Surfaces: Designing Research-creation for Agentive Embodiment PDF HTML
Nicole De Brabandere 223–49

Review Essay

Narrative Hunger: GIS Mapping, Google Street View and the Colonial Prospectus PDF HTML
Ross Gibson 250–65


Big Data, Small Media PDF HTML
Grant Bollmer 266–77
Beyond Textuality PDF HTML
Amy Villarejo 278–82
Music Genre as Method PDF HTML
Timothy Laurie 283–92
Cum On Feel the Noize PDF HTML
Justin Clemens 293–300
The Fate of Bad Things PDF HTML
Scott Herring 301–6