Performing Surfaces: Designing Research-creation for Agentive Embodiment

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Nicole De Brabandere


In this discussion I first outline material intersections of bodies and everyday objects that script habitual choreographies as affective extensions of the body. I then consider the dynamism of the shifts between habitual consciousness and non-consciousness as a site of agentive, embodied transformation within contexts of movement, multiples and sensory experience. I engage willfulness, stickiness, clumsiness and apparatuses of sensory notation as potential techniques for transforming consciousness and non-consciousness in habitual action. Finally, I invite readers to recreate the sensory dimensions of their own habitual experience by experimenting with some 'do it yourself ' exercises.

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New Writing (Peer Reviewed)
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Nicole De Brabandere, Linz University of the Arts Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Since Sept. 2012, Nicole De Brabandere has been a doctoral researcher in research-creation at the Art and Media dept., Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland. Her thesis is entitled "The Matter and Media of Habit: understanding and recreating habitual embodied experience and scripted action through research‐creation." De Brabandere has exhibited her work internationally and regularly presents her work at conferences, including the annual ASCA conference and workshop at the University of Amsterdam, The European Summer School in Cultural Studies and the eikones summer school, University of Basel.