Vol 10, No 2 (2013)

Edible Alterities: Perspectives from La Francophonie

Table of Contents

Edible Alterities: Perspectives from La Francophonie Special Issue July 2013

Introduction: Edible Alterities, Perspectives from La Francophonie PDF
Angela Giovanangeli, Julie Robert
The Cook and the Writer: Maryse Condé's Journey of Self-Discovery PDF
Bonnie Thomas
Food and Crime Fiction: Two Complementary Approaches to the Vietnamese Past in Tran-Nhut's Les travers du docteur Porc PDF
Tess Do
'After me fellow caïcaï you': Eating the Other/The Other Eating PDF
Karin Elizabeth Speedy
(In)Edible Algeria: Transmitting Pied-Noir Nostalgia Through Food PDF
Amy L. Hubbell
Local French Food Initiatives in Practice: The Emergence of a Social Movement PDF
Angela Giovanangeli
The Empire Bites Back? Translating Oceanian Fictional Food PDF
Jean Anderson
You Eat What You Are: Identity Via Cannibalistic Food Ethics In Ying Chen’s Le Mangeur PDF
Julie Lynn Robert

General Articles

So It Vanished: Art, Taboo and Shared Space in Contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand PDF
Jonathan Barrett
The Frontier Speaks Back: Two Australian Artists Working in Paris and London PDF
Catherine Margaret Speck

Cultural Works

2 Poems: An Accidental Ape, First Watch PDF
Roderick Marsh
5 Poems PDF
Vanessa Ovalle
Unspeakable Silences, When Poetry Ceases to be a Luxury, Black Tulips, My Eggs PDF
Melissa A Castillo-Garsow