Local French Food Initiatives in Practice: The Emergence of a Social Movement

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Angela Giovanangeli


This article analyses the development of local food systems from a social movement perspective. It examines the case study of a farm market located in France and considers whether and how local initiatives in food distribution can be viewed as a social movement, using social theory as the conceptual framework.

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Edible Alterities: Perspectives from La Francophonie Special Issue July 2013 (Peer Reviewed)
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Angela Giovanangeli, University of Technology, Sydney

Angela Giovanangeli (angela.Giovanangeli@uts.edu.au) University of Technology Sydney, Australia Dr Angela Giovanangeli is a lecturer in French Studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. Her main research interests are in the area of EU cultural policies, French language policies, and intercultural awareness within the context of international education.