Vol 4 (2011)

Gateways is pleased to publish its fourth volume, a special edition on the theme of ‘Sustaining community-university partnerships’. It is the result of a collaboration between Gateways and the University of Brighton Community University Partnership Programme (Cupp), and is guest edited by Professor Angie Hart and Simon Northmore of Cupp. Gathered together in this volume are articles from around the world, reflecting on projects and partnerships big and small, young and more established. The articles provide us with a wealth of detailed material and identify some important characteristics of sustainable community-university partnership working, often in the context of socioeconomic disadvantage. The commitment, creativity and ingenuity on display in these articles suggests that there are many reasons for optimism when reflecting on the sustainability of community-university partnerships.

Table of Contents


Sustaining community-university partnerships PDF
Simon Northmore, Angie Hart 1-11

Research articles (Refereed)

Collaboration, Participation and Technology: The San Joaquin Valley Cumulative Health Impacts Project PDF
Jonathan K. London, Tara Mirel Zagofsky, Ganlin Huang, Jenny Saklar 12-30
Sustaining Community-University Partnerships: Lessons learned from a participatory research project with elderly Chinese PDF
XinQi Dong, E-Shien Chang, Melissa Simon, Esther Wong 31-47
Finding Sustainability: University-community collaborations focused on arts in health PDF
Mike White, Mary Robson 48-64
Building Castles Together: A sustainable collaboration as a perpetual work-in-progress PDF
Michelle Vazquez Jacobus, Robert Baskett, Christina Bechstein 65-82
Ties That Bind: Creating and sustaining community-academic partnerships PDF
Kynna N. Wright, Pluscinda Williams, Shekinah Wright, Eli Lieber, Steven R. Carrasco, Haik Gedjeyan 83-99
Who has a stake? How stakeholder processes influence partnership sustainability PDF
Mary-Ellen Boyle, Laurie Ross, Jennie C. Stephens 100-118
Collaboration Between Universities: An effective way of sustaining community-university partnerships? PDF
Jonathan Pratt, Steve Matthews, Bruce Nairne, Elizabeth Hoult, Stuart Ashenden 119-135
Sustainable Engagement? Reflections on the development of a creative community-university partnership PDF
Jennifer Shea 136-153
A Mutually Beneficial Relationship: University of the Third Age and a regional university campus PDF
Bronwyn Ellis, Michael Leahy 154-167
Innovation in Collaboration: The Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring as a university-community partnership PDF
Kevin R. Jones, Thomas E. Keller, Marc Wheeler 168-185
Impacts of Sustained Institutional Participation in Service-Learning: Perspectives from faculty, staff and administrators PDF
Amanda L. Vogel, Sarena D. Seifer 186-202

Practice-based articles (Non-refereed)

It’s the Basement Stories, not the Belt: Lessons from a community-university knowledge mobilisation collaboration PDF
David Phipps, Daniele Zanotti 203-217
Sustaining Community-University Collaborations: The Durham University Model PDF
Andrew Russell, Andy Cattermole, Ray Hudson, Sarah Banks, Andrea Armstrong, Fred Robinson, Rachel Pain, Sharon Gollan, Greg Brown 218-231