Vol 3 (2009)

On Art

Welcome to the third edition of our online, peer reviewed multi-media journal Public Space: The Journal of Law and Social Justice.

This edition, our third, is "On Art" and includes:

Greta Bird and Nicole Roger's witty and insightful work on the "Art of
Judgement". Utilising our multimedia capability, the article includes a virtual performanceof the paper;

Marett Leiboff's wonderful characterisation of judges as 18th century connoissuers in "Art, Actually! The Courts and the Imposition of Taste";

Susan Bird's "Aesthetics, Authority and the Outlaw of the Street" which
takes a fresh look at the ever changing face of graffiti, and

Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios' fascinating analysis of art auctions in
"Evidence of Auction House Influence Over Buyer Behaviour and Price
Formation in the Australian Art Auction Market".

In addition to these peer reviewed articles our Open Space section includes
an important reminder of the funding vulnerability of cultural institutions
in Kristen van Barneveld's "Australia's Cultural Institutions and the
Efficiency Dividend: Not a Pretty Picture".

Alexy Buck and Liz Curran provide an important and timely analysis of
community and legal access in "Delivery of Advice to Marginalised and
Vulnerable Groups: The Need for Innovative Approaches."

And finally, we are proud to publish the speech given by Justice Ronald
Sackville to the Lawyers and Ethics Eminent Speakers' Series, on 19 May
2009, "Judicial Ethics and Judicial Misbehaviour. Two Sides of the Same
Coin?" The series is run by the Law Faculty of the University of
Technology, Sydney and Justice Sackville's erudite article is another
important contribution to this topic.

Table of Contents


Marett Leiboff
Meaghan Wilson-Anastasios
Susan Bird
Nicole Rogers, Greta Bird

Open Space

Kristin van Barneveld
Ronald Sackville
Alexy Buck, Liz Curran