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Call for Papers "On Art" and "W(h)ither Human Rights?" Public Space: the Journal of Law and Social Justice is the new multi-media peer reviewed online journal published by the Faculty of Law of the University of Technology, Sydney and UTS ePress. Our multi-media capability means that contributors can include photographic, video and sound recordings in their text-based contribution or submit a purely image-based or sound-based contribution. We are now calling for papers for our next two editions due for publication in March 2009 and September 2009. The March edition is “On Art”. The September edition is “W(h)ither Human Rights?"" “On Art” Questions relating to art and law have changed in focus recently - from questions of authorship and authenticity, which were of paramount importance during the 1990s, to questions of art and legal practice today. In the past year we have seen allegations of dodgy dealings in art auction houses and “carpet bagging” in indigenous art communities; High Court discussions of the practice of industrial design; and protocols for the use of children in art works. The Bill Henson dispute threatened to test the very relationship between legal and aesthetic judgement to the limit … but didn’t. Galleries, museums, YouTube and mass media continue to present images of law and crime - from “Transported Women” to “Boston Legal” and “Greatest Police Car Chases” - which challenge our notion of legal and art practice. The impact of shows such as CSI on jury expectations of forensic evidence has been much remarked upon. “W(h)ither Human Rights?” The September edition will be a Special Issue following the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) conference held at the University of Sydney, 10-12 December 2008, the theme of which was “W(h)ither Human Rights?”. 10 December 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to coincide with this occasion, Public Space is calling for papers that interrogate the place and progress of human rights post-Declaration. Contributors are encouraged to make use of the multi-media facilities of our journal, but of course, purely textual contributions are welcome. How to submit an article to Public Space The style guide, author guidelines and instructions for making online submissions to Public Space can be found under the “Homepage>About>Submissions” tab of Public Space: The first step in submitting an article to Public Space is to register as an author – a link to the registration page is provided at the above site. After filling in your personal details select the ‘register as author’ button. The next stop is to go back to the homepage and log into your account. You can then go to 'My Journals>Author>Start the Submissions Process' to upload your item. Once uploaded, your item is placed in the submission queue where it is peer reviewed and sub-edited. After this process is complete your item is finally placed in the submission review queue for the author to revise and resubmit if necessary. For audio or video files the maximum size that can be uploaded per file is 20mb. If you are interested in how Open Source Journals operate please visit: Dates for submission Submissions close 30 December 2008 for March publication. Submissions close 30 June 2009 for September publication. Contact Us If you have any questions please contact the Editor, A/Professor Rocque Reynolds at or on +61 2 9514 3165.