Vol 6, No 3 (2014)

Table of Contents

Editorial Welcome

Gallipoli & Coniston: conflict, colonialism and spatial power HTML PDF
Heather Goodall i-vii

Articles (refereed)

Militarised violence in the service of state-imposed emergencies over Palestine and Kenya HTML PDF
Annie Pfingst 6-37
Aboriginal ‘resistance war’ tactics – ‘The Black War’ of southern Queensland PDF HTML
Raymond Constant Kerkhove 38-62
Imperialism, ANZAC nationalism and the Aboriginal experience of warfare HTML PDF
Padraic John Gibson 63-82
The Politics of War and the “Battle of Balaklava” HTML PDF
John Maynard 83-95
From Gallipoli (1915) to the War of Independence (1919-1922): Modernisation of Turkish Womanhood HTML PDF
Burcu Cevik-Compiegne 102-115
Ending Rape in War: How Far Have We Come? HTML PDF
Lucy Fiske, Rita Shackel 123-138

Non-refereed Articles

Coniston HTML PDF
Francis Jurpururla Kelly 1-5
Anzac Commemoration and the Turkish Perspective HTML PDF
Muzaffer Orel 96-101
The Women Against Rape in War Collective’s protests against ANZAC Day in Sydney, 1983 and 1984 HTML PDF
Meredith Burgmann 116-122