Aboriginal ‘resistance war’ tactics – ‘The Black War’ of southern Queensland

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Raymond Constant Kerkhove


Frontier violence is now an accepted chapter of Australian history.  Indigenous resistance is central to this story, yet little examined as a military phenomenon (Connor 2004).  Indigenous military tactics and objectives are more often assumed than analysed.

Building on Laurie’s and Cilento’s contentions (1959) that an alliance of Aboriginal groups staged a ‘Black War’ across southern Queensland between the 1840s and 1860s, the author seeks evidence for a historically definable conflict during this period, complete with a declaration, coordination, leadership, planning and a broader objective: usurping the pastoral industry.  

As the Australian situation continues to present elements which have proved difficult to reconcile with existing paradigms for military history, this study applies definitions from guerilla and terrorist conflict (e.g. Eckley 2001, Kilcullen 2009) to explain key features of the southern Queensland “Black War.”

The author concludes that Indigenous resistance, to judge from southern Queensland, followed its own distinctive pattern.  It achieved coordinated response through inter-tribal gatherings and sophisticated signaling.  It relied on economic sabotage, targeted payback killings and harassment.  It was guided by reticent “loner-leaders.” Contrary to the claims of military historians such as Dennis (1995), the author finds evidence for tactical innovation.  He notes a move away from pitched battles to ambush affrays; the development of full-time ‘guerilla bands’; and use of new materials.

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Raymond Constant Kerkhove, University of Queensland (Alumnus)

Ray Kerkhove is a consultant historian specialising in the Indigenous history and material culture of southern Queensland. Ray is currently the Chair of Q-Earth Inc and the Secretary of the Brisbane Southside History Network. He works closely with Indigenous groups and families,  Councils, historical societies, cultural heritage organisations,and faith groups.  Ray recently completed cultural research for workshops to revive local basketry and netting; information panels for a travelling exhibition on "Gubbi Gubbi Canoes," and a book - "Greater Brisbane's Aboriginal Camp sites - a Historical Guide."  Ray is currently engaged in scripting and mapping Indigenous cultural information and sites within Australia's capital cities (Immersive Heritage 3-D heritage reconstructions); researching and compiling Darling Downs Indigenous history for Turnstone Archaeology; administering BHSN (Brisbane Southside History Network); and conducting Significance Assessments of diverse religious archives on the Sunshine Coast.


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