No 1 (2014)

Articles in this special issue of the International Journal of Rural Law and Policy arose out of a conference titled 'Mining in a sustainable world'. The conference was held at the University of New England and was a joing initiative of the University's Peace Studies and Australian Centre of for Agriculture and Law. The aim of the conference was to create a forum for open, high-level discussion of contentious issues surrounding mining. Politicians, economists, social scientists, lawyers and members of the community attended the conference. Unfortunately, industry, in spite of being specifically invited, declined to attend.

This issue of the journal contains articles arising from presentations made at the conference, as well as short commentaries from various delegates, the conference program, and abstracts and bios of presenters.

Table of Contents


Editorial: Mining in a Sustainable World PDF
Marty Branagan, Jacqueline Williams, Amanda Kennedy


Mine Lifecycle Planning and Enduring Value for Remote communities PDF
Stuart Robertson, Boyd Blackwell
Tracking the Boom in Queensland’s Gasfields PDF
Will Rifkin, Vikki Uhlmann, Jo-Anne Everingham, Kylie May
The Australian Movement against Uranium Mining: Its Rationale and Evolution PDF
Marty Branagan
Open-cut coal mining in Australia's Hunter Valley: Sustainability and the industry's economic, ecological and social implications PDF
Drew Cottle, Angela Keys
If mining conflicts suppress the right of public participation, then can mining be sustainable? PDF
Judith Preston
The contribution of carbon pricing to sustainable mining PDF
Sam Meng, Mahinda Siriwardana, Judith McNeill
Environment pollution: The rise of militarism and terrorism in the Niger Delta of Nigeria PDF
Christian Madubuko
The governance of natural resources: Issues affecting better management of revenues and distribution of benefits within Papua New Guinea PDF
Hitelai Polume-Kiele
Mining in a sustainable world: program; bios and abstracts; commentaries: PDF