co-edited by Bruce Buchan and David Ellison

For the first time, CSR is producing a third issue for the year. The volume includes the special guest-edited section 'On Noise', which is devoted to the concept of noise and the roles it plays in a range of very different contexts. Together, the essays represent an important attempt to readjust the sensorium through which cultural studies usually imagines the material world and the cultural politics that flows from it.

The issue also features a provocative essay from Marcus Breen, new writing, book reviews and, to mark the final issue of CSR he will be co-editing, a Salute to John Frow, with sample of Frow's latest work on character, with responses from Tony Bennett and Stephen Muecke.

Published: 2012-12-04


John Frow, Katrina Schlunke


Avatar, Identification, Pornography [by John Frow, with responses from Tony Bennett and Stephen Muecke]

Katrina Schlunke (intro.), John Frow, Tony Bennett, Stephen Muecke