Vol 18, No 3 (2012)

On Noise

co-edited by Bruce Buchan and David Ellison

For the first time, CSR is producing a third issue for the year. The volume includes the special guest-edited section 'On Noise', which is devoted to the concept of noise and the roles it plays in a range of very different contexts. Together, the essays represent an important attempt to readjust the sensorium through which cultural studies usually imagines the material world and the cultural politics that flows from it.

The issue also features a provocative essay from Marcus Breen, new writing, book reviews and, to mark the final issue of CSR he will be co-editing, a Salute to John Frow, with sample of Frow's latest work on character, with responses from Tony Bennett and Stephen Muecke.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
John Frow, Katrina Schlunke 1–3

On Noise

Introduction: Speaking to the Eye PDF
Bruce Buchan, David Ellison 4–12
Productive Parasites: Thinking of Noise as Affect PDF
Marie Thompson 13–35
Listening for Noise in Political Thought PDF
Bruce Buchan 36–66
Hearing Things: Music and Sounds the Traveller Heard and Didn’t Hear on the Grand Tour PDF
Vanessa Agnew 67–84
Picturesque Farming: The Sound of ‘Happy Britannia’ in Colonial Australia PDF
Peter Denney 85–108
The Soundscapes of Henry Mayhew Urban Ethnography and Technologies of Transcription PDF
Helen Groth 109–30
Automata for the People: Machine Noise and Attention PDF
David Ellison 131–47
How Silent is the Right to Silence? PDF
Katherine Biber 148–170
Between Noise and Silence: Architecture since the 1970s PDF
Alexandra Brown, Andrew Leach 171–193
The Acoustics of Crime: New Ways of Ensuring Young People Are Not Seen and Not Heard PDF
Melissa Bull 194–213


A Different Crossroads—or Meeting the Devil in Cultural Studies PDF
Marcus Breen 214–19


The Governor-General's Apology: Reflections on Anzac Day PDF
Gerhard Fischer 220–39
Beyond the Brink: Indigenous Women’s Agency and the Colonisation of Knowledge in the Maid of the Mist Myth PDF
Robinder Kaur Sehdev 240–62
Nightmare on Shaw Street: Getting Lost in Shorty’s Private Collection PDF
Emily Bullock 263–80
Information Technology and the Experience of Disorder PDF
Jonathan Paul Marshall 281–309
Feminine Shame/Masculine Disgrace: A Literary Excursion through Gender and Embodied Emotion PDF
Camille Nurka 310–33

New Writing

Buffel Grass: An Augmented Landscape PDF
Saskia Maya Beudel 334–58

Saluting John Frow: Reading, Writing and Identification

Avatar, Identification, Pornography [by John Frow, with responses from Tony Bennett and Stephen Muecke] PDF
Katrina Schlunke (intro.), John Frow, Tony Bennett, Stephen Muecke 359–87

Review Essay

Surrender to the Void: Life after Creative Industries PDF
Justin O'Connor 388–410


You’ll Love the Way it Makes You Feel: The Passion and Privation of Modern Work Culture PDF
Caroline Hamilton 411–16
Writing Pop: Contemporary Approaches to Pop(ular) Music Studies PDF
Henry Johnson 417–24