Vol 18, No 1 (2012)

Motorcycles, Snails, Latour

This edition of Cultural Studies Review is at once an exuberant celebration of cultural studies scholarship and an enticement to work with the diverse thinking that is revealed here. As a general issue (one not shaped by a particular theme or by a guest co-editor) it invites us to experience a snapshot of where the multiple trajectories of cultural studies thinking are travelling and what and who are coming together in the process. These essays, new writing and reviews propose an answer to the question for cultural studies that Stephen Muecke poses of other cultural phenomena: How is it keeping itself alive in its place? and What are its partners for reproductive purposes?

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Katrina Schlunke, John Frow 1–3


Settlement PDF
John Frow 4–18
Reconsidering Kinship: Beyond the Nuclear Family with Deleuze and Guattari PDF
Timothy Laurie, Hannah Stark 19–39
Motorcycles, Snails, Latour: Criticism without Judgement PDF
Stephen Muecke 40–58
Between Form and Function: History and Identity in the Blogosphere PDF
Laurie Johnson 59–85
Around the Bend: The Curious Power of the Hills around Queenstown, Tasmania PDF
Emily Bullock 86–106
Ten Canoes and the Ethnographic Photographs of Donald Thomson: ‘Animate Thought’ and ‘the Light of the World’ PDF
Anne Rutherford 107–37
Practising Research, Researching Practice: Thinking Through Contemporary Dance PDF
Sally May Gardner 138–52
Uncanny Robots and Affective Labour in the Oikonomia PDF
Angela Mitropoulos 153–73
Cannibals and Orchids: Cannibalism and the Sensory Imagination of Papua New Guinea PDF
Ilaria Vanni 174–95
Arcane Erotica and National ‘Patrimony’: Britain’s Private Case and the Collection de l’Enfer of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France PDF
Alison Moore 196–216

New Writing

The Shimmering Dam PDF
Jesse Thomas Shipway 217–27


Can You Anchor a Shimmering Nation State via Regional Indigenous Roots? Kim Scott talks to Anne Brewster about That Deadman Dance PDF
Anne Brewster 228–46


Theoretical Stories PDF
Tanya Serisier 247–55
Disposed to Acts PDF
Greg Noble 256–62
Bauman Pours Out Culture PDF
Paul O'Connor 263–6
The Work of Culture PDF
Paul Long 267–72
Interrogating Rurality in Settler-Societies: Place, Identity and Culture PDF
Andrew Gorman-Murray 273–82
Mapping the Global Effects of Heritage, Memory and Identity PDF
John Gunders 283–8
‘Here At The End of All Things’: Mediating Crisis in the Twenty-First Century PDF
Adam Brown 289–94
New Bottles for New Wine: Sociology and Technology of Today’s Television Industry PDF
Vincent O'Donnell 295–302
Film For and About Adolescents: Unfolding the Complexity of the Issue PDF
Iris Chui Ping Kam 303–7
Self-Starvation as Performance PDF
Hayley Rudkin 308–13