Motorcycles, Snails, Latour: Criticism without Judgement

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Stephen Muecke


In a post-critical environment, literary and cultural analysis can find new directions through engagement with ‘experiment’, ‘multirealism’ and ‘reproduction’ as agents ‘earn participation’ in collectives of humans and non-humans. Collectives of ‘partners’ are necessary collaborators in the reproduction of cultural forms. This vitalist approach carries an experimental method, an expanded ontological field, and a relational subjectivity, which contrasts to the traditional humanities intellectual who aspires to the refinement of judgment.

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Stephen Muecke, University of New South Wales

Stephen Muecke is Professor of Writing at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Recent related publications include 'Cultural Science? The Ecological Critique of Modernity and the Conceptual Habitat of the Humanities', (Cultural Studies, May 2009); 'The Writing Laboratory: Political Ecology, Labour, Experiment', (Angelaki, 14:2, 2009); Joe in the Andamans and Other Fictocritical Stories (2008).