Vol 14 (2007)

Welcome to the third electronic publication of Public History Review. With articles and reviews dealing with countries including Australia, Britain, Cuba, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States, this volume reflects in part the growing internationalisation of public history. Public history is also an emerging field in a number of countries, notably Britain. We look forward to continued international engagements.

Paul Ashton and Paula Hamilton

Table of Contents


Hilda Kean
Anne-Marie Conde
Rachel Buchanan
Stephanie Ho
Peter Read, Marivic Wyndham
Kevin Blackburn
Keir Reeves, E. Rebecca Sanders, Gordon Chisholm
Erik Eklund


Uses of Heritage by Laurajane Smith
Jannelle Warren-Findley
The Lowell Experiment: Public History in a Postindustrial City by Cathy Stanton
Paul Ashton
The Historian's Conscience: Australian Historians on the Ethics of History edited by Stuart Macintyre
Michelle Arrow
Between the Flags: One Hundred Summers of Australian Surf Lifesaving edited by Ed Jaggard
Jennifer Cornwall
Expressions of Mercy: Brisbane's Marter Hospital 1906-2006 by Helen Gregory; The Royal:... A History of the Royal Newcastle Hospital 1817-2005 by Susan Marsden with Cynthia Hunter; A Profession's Pathyway by Mary Sheehan with Sonia Jennings
Judith Godden
City, Country, Empire: Landscapes in Environmental History edited by Jeffrey M. Diefendorf and Kurk Dorsey
Rose Searby