“Sana All”: Netizens’ Perception of Government Responses to COVID-19

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Leo Vicentino
Janah Zerina T. Doroteo
Lyn Angel V. Garcia
Nicole Myem S. De Jesus


Netizens posted views that contradicted the results released by research agencies about the Philippine government's responses to COVID-19. In this study, Twitter, which is a key communication channels, was the main source of data to explore the public’s perception of the Philippine government’s performance to the pandemic response. To limit tweets to be studied, sana all, a language phenomenon mostly used at the time of community lockdowns, was observed and utilized as a code identify relevant tweets. Between March and August 2020, 257 tweets were collected and researchers used presuppositions to extract socio-political context and truths implied in tweets. Then, the data underwent a 6-level thematic analysis and eleven categories were formed. The prevalent language intention emerging from the tweets is empathy. This paper will discuss how empathy associates the sound dissatisfaction of the netizens with the responses made by the current administration to combat the COVID-19 multi-effects.

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