This issue of Cultural Studies Review features three outstanding essays that reveal the exciting diversity of current research in cultural studies. These are Ben Highmore’s future-directed and poetic evocation of a more peripatetic cultural studies, Jessica Kean’s exploration of the ‘texture’ of non-monogamy and Elspeth Probyn’s ‘thought experiment’, which pluralises and relativises fish while maintaining an urgent interest in sustainability.

The issue also contains a special section on ‘Media, Mobilities and Identity in East and Southeast Asia’, guest edited by Dan Edwards, Louis Ho and Seokhun Choi. This section engrossingly addresses gaps in existing mobilities scholarship with an eye not only to physical movement but, more centrally, to the complex interplay of mobile technologies and information on the one hand and rapidly evolving formations of culture and identity on the other. Within the articles, ‘Asia’ is conceptualised as a zone of cultural and political plurality, where in fascinating and often highly volatile ways a vast array of migrations, imaginings, representations and discourses constantly bump up against political and cultural borders.

Published: 2017-05-16

Editorial: Mobilities

Chris Healy, Katrina Schlunke