‘There was Nothing to Say and Nobody Said It’: Silence, Disconnection and Interruptions of Gertrude Stein’s Writing Voice during World War II

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Ruth Walker


The article focuses on the experiences of Gertrude Stein in France during World War II that is portrayed in her book "Wars I Have Seen." The book depicts a picture of her and her partner Alice B. Toklas as well as an emphasis on media technologies. The book reveals that Stein has been preoccupied during the war with disconnected telephones and addictive radio. It also discusses the impact of acoustic communication technologies on war writing.

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Ruth Walker, University of Wollongong

Ruth Walker is a lecturer in academic writing at the University of Wollongong. She is co-editor of Anatomies of Violence (RIHSS, 2000) and her current research interests include cultural literacies, plagiarism, academic identities, writing and new media.