‘A Kind of Critique that Works by Allegorising’: An Interview with Patrick Wright

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Noel King


In the following interview Patrick Wright discuses the research for and critical receptions of his books, Iron Curtain: From Stage to Cold War, A Journey Through Ruins, On Living in an Old Country and Tank. He also discuses his educational formation in the UK and Canada, and his relation to the field of cultural studies and cultural criticism as these are currently constituted.

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Noel King, Macquarie University

Noel King teaches in the Department of Media, Music, Communication, and Cultural Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. His current research focuses on Don Dellio and film, and Richard Hugo and film. He is also working on the ‘road movie’ aspects of contemporary American photography. Recent publications include ‘“The Truth is in the Work”: Interview with Barry Gifford’, in Barry Gifford, The Imagination of the Heart (2009); a number of co-authored articles (with Toby Miller) on Alfred Hithcock; a piece on Robert Adams and a conversation with Frish Brandt of the Fraenkel gallery in San Francisco, in jacket 38 (2009) and the regular publishing of interviews from the Australian Film Theory and Criticism Project he is undertaking with Deane Williams and Con Verevis of Monash University.