Vol 14, No 2 (2008)


The September 2008 Cultural Studies Review, co-edited with Cristyn Davies and Robert Payne,  is a special issue focusing on cultures of panic, particularly recent examples of moral panic arising from issues of race, gender and sexuality. The diverse essays deal with ‘men of Middle Eastern appearance’, the trial of Private Kovko, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the use of Ritalin®, concerns around children and sexuality in Australia, and arts funding in the United States during the ‘culture wars’.

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
John Frow, Katrina Schlunke 9


Introduction: Cultures of Panic PDF
Cristyn Davies, Robert Payne 11–13
The Face of Evil: Demonising the Arab Other in Contemporary Australia PDF
Greg Noble 14–33
‘Skylarking’: Homosexual Panic and the Death of Private Kovco PDF
Robert Payne 34–48
Biotypologies of Terrorism PDF
Joseph Pugliese 49–66
‘New Ways to Frame the Mammoth Horror’: Media First Responders and the Katrina Event PDF
Sara Knox 67–82
Proliferating Panic: Regulating Representations of Sex and Gender during the Culture Wars PDF
Cristyn Davies 83–102
Ritalin®: Panic in the USA PDF
Toby Miller 103–12
In the Name of ‘Childhood Innocence’: A Discursive Exploration of the Moral Panic Associated with Childhood and Sexuality PDF
Kerry Robinson 113–29
Panic! Affect Contagion, Mimesis and Suggestion in the Social Field PDF
Anna Gibbs 130–45


Beyond Savagery: The Limits of Australian ‘Aboriginalism’ PDF
Kay Anderson, Colin Perrin 147–69
White Free Speech: The Fraser Event and its Enlightenment Legacies PDF
Goldie Osuri 170–83
(Re)visiting the Corporate World: The Matrix Evolution PDF
Rose Michael 184–92


On Missing the Revolution PDF
Jane Simon 195–9
Kitsch Politics PDF
John Frow 200–4
Picture Perfect PDF
Andrea Merrett 205–9
Baroque Inclinations PDF
Lisa McDonald 210–14
Birmingham’s Ghostly Presence PDF
Lisa Farrance 215–19
Hollow Words PDF
Barbara Bloch 220–4