Vol 1, No 2 (2006)

Fresh and Salt: water, sovereignty & borders in Asia & Oceania

Table of Contents


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Fresh and Salt: Introduction Full text (Pdf)
Heather Goodall


The Forms of Water: in the land and in the soul Full text (Pdf)
Jeff Malpas
Turning Water into Wine, Beef and Vegetables: Material Transformations along the Brisbane River Full text (Pdf)
Veronica Strang
Peats Ridge: a sandy track, citrus farms, springs, valleys, dams and the politics of ground water Full text (Pdf)
Trish FitzSimons
Significant Spaces: The Role of Marine Ecosystems in Pacific Island Cultures Full text (Pdf)
Paul D'Arcy
Freshwater Lens, Settlement Patterns, Resource Use and Connectivity in the Marshall Islands Full text (Pdf)
Dirk Spennemann
Legal Approaches to the ownership, management and regulation of water from riparian rights to commodification Full text (Pdf)
Janice Gray
Water - Fluid Perceptions Full text (Pdf)
Tony McAvoy
Governing Water as a Common Good in the Mekong River Basin: issues of scale Full text (Pdf)
Philip Hirsch
Managing the Yellow River: Questions of Borders, Boundaries and Access Full text (Pdf)
Michael Webber, Jon Barnett, Brian Finlayson, Mark Wang
The Politics of Water in South Asia Full text (Pdf)
Douglas Hill


Borders Across Rivers: Problems with the Creation of Anglo-German Borders Across Gira, Eia, Wuwu, and Waria Rivers, 1884-1909 Full text (Pdf)
Biama Kanasa