Efficiency of 2D Photonic Crystal Emitters in Thermophotovoltaic Systems

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Mitchell Jones
Lee Burdett
Matthew Ryan
Tomas Walsh


Thermophotovoltaic (TPV) systems have the potential to convert energy in a very efficient way by using 2D photonic crystal (PhC) emitters. Recent advancements in TPV technology have developed many methods for effectively generating power. These recent advancements propose that emitters can suppress low energy photon emissions while increasing higher energy photon emissions. This can be achieved by utilising new 2D photonic crystal (PhC) structures on the surface of the emitter with varying diameter and shape.

In this meta study we consider the multiple design fabrications of photonic crystal emitters and compare the efficiencies, power densities, and their potential use for converting different wavelengths into heat and power. This is done by analysing the thermodynamic factors present in the system that could potentially reduce the efficiency, and therefore power generation, of the thermophotovoltaic cell. This study found that certain shapes and materials can impact on the PhC structure and its ability to emit energy. 

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