St Johns Park

Vicki Movizio


The suburb of St Johns Park was part of the traditional land of the Cabrogal people, a subgroup of the Gandangarra clan. They are thought to have lived on the lands that stretched between what became the Fairfield district and the Liverpool area for more than 30,000 years. The heavily wooded land provided the shelter of gums, silver oaks and swamp oaks, along with a ready source of fresh water and fish, eels and shellfish in local waterways, including Clear Paddock Creek.

St Johns Park is now a suburb of Fairfield City, situated 35 kilometres west of Sydney. It is named after the Old Parish of St John in which it is located. When Liverpool was established in 1810, St Johns Park was within the Liverpool boundaries. In 1892 it became a district of the Municipality of Cabramatta and Canley Vale, and finally a part of Fairfield Municipal Council area upon its merger with Cabramatta and Canley Vale Council in 1948. The suburb is bounded by Smithfield Road, Canley Vale Road, Humphreys Road and Edensor Road (formerly Parkes Road).

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