The Koreans in Sydney

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Joy J Han
Gil-Soo Han


The Korean community in Sydney first became palpable in the early 1970s. The community has continued to expand in numbers and nature. This is reflected by various structures around which the Korean community in Sydney is organised. Notable organisations include over 150 Koreanlanguage Christian church congregations, multifarious business enterprises, and an established Korean language text and broadcast media which includes both local and imported materials and information.

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Joy J Han, The University of Melbourne

Joy J. Han is studying sociology and history at the University of Melbourne. Joy has particular interest in the rapid transformation of contemporary Korean society driven by economic imperatives.

Gil-Soo Han, Monash University

Gil-Soo Han is an Associate Professor in Communications & Media Studies, Monash University. His research interests include intersections between cross cultural relations, religion, health and media studies. Publications include Social Sources of Church Growth: Korean Churches in the Homeland and Overseas (1994), Health and Medicine under Capitalism: Korean Immigrants in Australia (2000), and Healthcare Reform and Interest Groups (with Evans and Madison 2006).