Information technology risk management teaching exercise: integrating online and offline communication techniques

Jenny Gibb
Linda Twiname


We introduce a risk management project teaching case where students work in consulting teams with a mentor from the information technology industry.


The case describes in rich detail the issues and challenges confronting Linny, the owner and CEO of ACE Technologies, a New Zealand-based software-development firm, as she begins to implement an information technology data exchange trading link between a supplier firm in one country and a logistics company and large buyer firm in another country. Linny calls on Jade Consulting (student groups) to identify potential risks in the implementation process. 


Taking this case design approach introduces students to two levels of project management education. First, we introduce strategies and techniques to develop e-learning and face-to-face communication skills in a team setting. Second, students manage the stages of a "real" industry project with a mentor. Our findings are relevant for management educators and practitioners involved in project management.

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