Multiple Strokes

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Obododimma Oha


This poem playfully addresses the slippery nature of linguistic signification, employing humour and sarcasm in presenting a wide range of human experience. It ironical twists -- and "strokes" (read ambiguously as both a giving a punishment and erotic pleasuring) -- move from the naming of location through international discourse of capital to the crumbling relationships between nation states. It reading of the signs of language is tied to the unease and fracture in cultural and political experience.

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Obododimma Oha, University of Ibadan

Obododimma Oha teaches Creative Writing, Semiotics, and Stylistics in the Department of English, University of Ibadan, where he is currently a Senior Lecturer. His poems have appeared in journals such as Postcolonial Text, Otoliths, Shadowtrain, African Writing Online, Sentinelpoetry Online, and Agenda.