Poetics in the Time of Pandemic. There is Always Going to be a Before and an After

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Liliana Edith Correa
Frederick Copperwaite


This paper reflects on the impact of lockdown in Sydney on artists and creatives. We share our personal story of how we imagined our lives would be before COVID-19 and the changes we observed after entering in pandemic mode. Intertwining images taken with a mobile phone and text, we offer our observations on the evolving new language that appears around us in supermarkets, on walls and on the footpath: signs determining social interactions and affecting behaviour. We also touch on the idea of how writing can bring us home and make us feel closer to our languages and countries of origin. We underline theatre’s importance to tell stories from the time of the pandemic, when governments have been found wanting due to lack of care of the most vulnerable, in particular First Nations peoples. We reflect on the need for reinvention, accepting change, reassessing our human values and making present our links to the natural world. As the pandemic takes us from one stage to the next, we suggest that creativity is the one possible space that offers relief and hope and opens up possibilities to make sense of our new reality while contributing to a collective sense of humanity.

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The Great Dis-Equalizer: the Covid-19 Crisis Special Issue (Essays)
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Liliana Edith Correa

Liliana E. Correa is a writer, adult educator, and cultural researcher. In 2012 she was granted a Doctorate of Cultural Research from Western Sydney University. Her thesis titled: “The Politics of Cultural Visibility: Latin American Arts Practices in Sydney”, utilised empirical research grounded in theoretical and creative methodologies. She started diarising at the age of 12 and since arriving in Australia, over thirty years ago, she began incorporating images and bilingual text into her writing. She is currently working on a collection of microstories and poetry under the title of ‘poesía en construcción’ /poetry under construction.