Who are you? What do you do? What do you bring? A florin! On Reclusions, Dissidences, Mutual Aid, Kinships, and Irony during Italian Lockdown

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Cristina Balma-Tivola


This essay elaborates upon some ethnographic notes taken during informal participant observation by a freelance cultural anthropologist living in Turin (capital of Piedmont, one of the regions most affected by COVID-19) during the pandemic in Italy. The essay explores many issues faced by Italian residents during the lockdown, including inequality and grassroots initiatives, isolation conditions in a variety of contexts (home, prisons, retirement homes), stereotypes of Italians from abroad, the misunderstanding of personal distancing guidelines and the concept of family and community.used to face the fear. 

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The Great Dis-Equalizer: the Covid-19 Crisis Special Issue (Essays)