Respirare il tempo: Re-Azioni di superamento COVID-19

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Gianluigi Mangiapane
Cadigia Hassan


This reflective essays retraces the experience of ‘Mirabilia’, an online project originated at the beginning of the Italian lockdown (March 2020) by a spontaneous group made up of researchers from different disciplines, which had the purpose of showing human creativity and the ability to find strategies for survival and ways to cope with adversity. In particular, the essay illustrates “The Breath of Time”, a virtual exhibition created by Mirabilia: through a public call, many images and narrations of personal and particularly significant objects were collected during the quarantine, and are here discussed and illustrated.

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The Great Dis-Equalizer: the Covid-19 Crisis Special Issue (Essays)
Author Biographies

Gianluigi Mangiapane, University of Turin

PhD in Anthropology, he is currently a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the University of Turin. He has worked for years in the study and research of cultural heritages, in particular, of the anthropological collections and of Art Brut of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography of Turin (MAET). He is the author of numerous publications in museology journals on the subject of Art Brut and Outsider Art; has co-edited the book “ARTE DEI MARGINI. Art Brut collections, relational creativity, difference education” (2013).

Cadigia Hassan, Independent Journalist

Cadigia Hassan is an Italian-Somalian journalist living in Padua (Northern Italy). She studied Political Science and Sociology. Her interest fields are migration, asylum seekers protection and gender-based violence. She is community mentor and member of RIDIM - Italian Immigrant Women Network. In 2007 she was appointed Ambassador of Peace by the Women's Federation for World Peace International (WFWP).