A Soul Divided: The UN’s Misconduct Over West Papua

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Julian Alec McKinlay King


The soul of Papua is divided. Separated by an arbitrary line established during the early colonial period, the communities in the west are now regarded as part of Indonesia and live under military oppression described by legal scholars and human rights advocates as systematic terror and alleged genocide whilst those in the east enjoy their legitimate freedom and independence. This paper revisits the creation of Indonesia after the Pacific War with the training, resources, and Fascist ideology of the Japanese Imperial Army and how it has maintained control of the archipelago to the present day. With a focus on West Papua it asserts that the people of this island archipelago have been denied their rightful independence. As a result of multiple breaches of the Charter of the United Nations covertly orchestrated by the United Nations Secretariat in collusion with Sukarno the people of West Papua were illegally transferred to Indonesia. It is advanced that the method of maintaining control over West Papua and the entire Indonesian archipelago is via a systematic programme of military oppression perpetrated by a neo-fascist military dictatorship on behalf of the US government.

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Decolonisation: Ripples in the Asia Pacific Special Issue 2019 (Peer Reviewed)