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Paul Allatson


The second issue of PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies for 2007 is a special issue with the title Contesting Euro Visions, guest edited by Dimitris Eleftheriotis (University of Glasgow), Murray Pratt (University of Technology Sydney) and Ilaria Vanni, (University of Technology Sydney). As the editors’ opening essay emphasises, this issue is not concerned to perpetuate myths of a Europe united or federated, or even cohered by shared values. Rather, it aims to reclaim something of the conceptual, transcultural and locational uncertainties encoded in the foundation myth of Europe’s origins: Europa’s seduction and abduction by Zeus, disguised as a white bull. As the editors argue, this myth is marked by the physical elusiveness of Europe’s actual location (Homer’s Europa being, for example, Phoenician, in what is now Syria), and also complicated by centuries of amendments and revisions. Thus, by approaching contemporary Europe through the prism of a mutating and unanchored foundational fiction, the editors argue that that fiction ‘can be used to understand how in Europe particular local histories and local knowledge intersect with global issues, and conversely how what appears to be “European” is, in fact, the result of global encounters. Narratives of European values need to be located in this striated space, while friction as an organising metaphor also explains the slippage and relation between the lived, heterogeneous embodiments of contemporary Europe and abstract notions of values.’ The other essays gathered in this special issue endorse this notion of a striated Europe, a shifting space best regarded as a space of friction.

I would like to thank all of the authors included in this special issue for their patience, and their support for the Contesting Euro Visions ideal that frames the issue.

I would also like to take the opportunity to announce a call for papers for the July 2008 issue of PORTAL, entitled ‘Italian Cultures: Writing Italian Cultural Studies in the World.’ Full details follow, in both English and Italian, and can be found on the journal’s homepage.

Paul Allatson, Chair, PORTAL Editorial Committee

Call for Papers

‘Italian Cultures: Writing Italian Cultural Studies in the World.’

PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies is seeking articles for a special issue on Italian cultural studies. It aims at updating existing scholarship and scoping the proliferation of interests in this growing field. It recognizes that cultural studies practitioners write multiple Italies within Italy itself and from provincialized Italies, with a perspective that is both global and informed by specific local knowledge.

In particular we seek articles that map how processes of social change and identification are negotiated, imagined, explored and contested in relation to the following (but not exclusively) themes:

• Belonging
• Body
• Cinema
• Consumption
• Design
• Digital cultures
• Everyday
• Fashion
• Food
• Language
• Media (new and old)
• New writing
• Place
• Sport
• Visual cultures

Portal has built into its editorial protocols a commitment to facilitating dialogue between international studies practitioners working anywhere in the world, and not simply or exclusively in the ‘North,’ ‘the West’ or the ‘First World.’ The journal’s commitment to fashioning a genuinely ‘international' studies rubric is also reflected in our willingness to publish critical and creative work in English as well as in a number of other languages: Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Serbian, and Spanish.

Portal provides open access to all of it content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.
If are interested in submitting a paper please read the Author’s guidelines and information about the submission process Portal’s homepage, http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/ojs/index.php/portal.

Deadline: 1 March 2008.

For further information, please contact Dr Ilaria Vanni: Ilaria.Vanni@uts.edu.au

Portal, Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies, numero speciale: ‘Italian cultures: writing Italian cultural studies in the world’.

Portal, Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies sta raccogliendo articoli per un numero speciale sugli studi culturali che trattino tematiche legate all’Italia con lo scopo di aggiornare la ricerca esistente e produrre una mappatura della proliferazione di interesse in quest’area in espansione. Portal riconosce che una molteplicità di Italie viene generata dai ricercatori che lavorano nell’ambito di cultural studies all’incontro di prospettive globali e saperi locali, sia come panorama interno all’Italia sia come provincializzazioni dell’Italia.

In particolare questo numero è interessato (ma non limitato) a testi sulle seguenti tematiche:

• Cibo
• Cinema
• Consumi
• Corpi
• Culture visive
• Design
• Culture digitali
• Lingua
• Luoghi
• Media (vecchi e nuovi)
• Moda
• Processi di appartenenza
• Quotidianità
• Scrittura creativa
• Sport

Portal include nei suoi protocolli editoriali l’impegno a facilitare il dialogo tra studiosi e studiose di studi internazionali che lavorano in qualsiasi parte del mondo, e non solo nel ‘nord’, nell’ ‘ovest’ o nel ‘primo mondo’. L’impegno della rivista a creare un clima genuinamente ‘internazionale’ si ritrova anche nella decisione di pubblicare testi critici e creativi non solo in inglese ma anche in bahasa Indonesia, cinese, croato, francese, giapponese, italiano, serbo, spagnolo e tedesco.

Portal garantisce libero accesso a tutti i testi pubblicati sostenendo così la libera circolazione, creazione e lo scambio di saperi.

Le avvertenze per gli autori sono pubblicate nel sito della rivista http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/ojs/index.php/portal.
La scadenza per la presentazione dei testi è il 1 marzo 2008.

Per ulteriori informazioni si prega di contattare Dr Ilaria Vanni: Ilaria.Vanni@uts.edu.au

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Editor's Welcome
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Paul Allatson, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney

Chair of the PORTAL Editorial Committee, Paul Allatson is senior lecturer in Spanish Studies and US Latino Studies at the Institute for International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney. He completed his doctorate at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) in the area of U.S. Latino cultural politics. His research currently focuses on the resistant potential of politicised Latino cultural production, the place of Latinos in U.S. popular culture, and questions of Latino cultural citizenship. He is also interested in Anglophone and Hispanophone postcolonial, transcultural, and queer theoretical traditions. He has published widely in those areas, and is the author of Latino Dreams: Transcultural Traffic and the U.S. National Imaginary (Rodopi Press, 2002) and Key Terms in Latino/a Cultural and Literary Studies (Blackwell Press, 2007).