The Revival of Chinese Cultural Nationalism

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Yingjie Guo


The debate on Chinse cultural nationalism, as on nationalism in general, is often polarised by a number of theoretical positions, value judgements, practical concerns and methodological choices. While there is no consensus that cultural nationalism has developed into a formidable force in China, few would deny that it has been on the rise since June 4, 1989, and that it is a cultural-political movement with no parallel in the People’s Republic, except perhaps for the period following May 4, 1919. Of central concern in this special issue of PORTAL Journal of Multidisciplinary International Studies are the manifestations of cultural nationalism, the causation of its resurgence in post-Tiananmen China, and the ways in which it is likely to impact on China’s future development.

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Yingjie Guo, Institute for International Studies, University of Technology, Sydney

Dr Guo Yingjie is a senior lecturer in Chinese studies at the Institute for International Studies and a member of the China Research Group at University of Technology, Sydney. His main research interest is cultural nationalism in contemporary China and the socio-political impact of the WTO. His recent publications include Cultural Nationalism in Contemporary China: The Search for National Identity under Reform (RoutledgeCurzon, 2004).