'Setting the Scene': Statue Wars and Ungrateful Citizens

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Kiera Lindsey
Mariko Smith


This article provides an outline of the current statue wars in Australia, England, America, New Zealand and Eastern Europe before reviewing the many of the acts of public history making these contestations have inspired among both protestors and protectors. Commencing with the unveiling of the contested statue of Captain James Cook in Sydney's Hyde Park in 1879, the authors trace the connections and contestations between past and present history making before reflecting upon the role of public historians as communities strive to develop frameworks that can foster careful conversation, consultation and collaboration processes that help to reckon with the past. 

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Kiera Lindsey, Griffith University

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Mariko Smith, Australian Museum

Dr Mariko Smith is a Yuin woman and First Nations Assistant Curator in the Engagement, Exhibitions & Cultural Connection branch of the Australian Museum. Mariko focuses on Indigenous community-based cultural resurgence initiatives and incorporating Indigenous ways of knowing into curatorial and artistic practices.