The Principles of Islamic Law and the Deradicalization of Convicted Terrorists

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In dealing with terrorism cases in Indonesia, the government must develop a strategy to eradicate terrorism, be it the ideology of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or other terrorism ideologies through awareness of the importance of human rights and deepening of the values of the Indonesian nation. This study uses a legal norms approach, namely identifying the applicable laws and regulations. The values of maqashid al-shari’a can be used as a rehabilitation concept through the changing the thinking of convicted terrorists. The maqashid al-shari’a approach will provide an understanding of Islamic Law that is more practical, realistic, flexible, and humanist. The values that can be applied in the rehabilitation process method adhere to the current maqashid values formulated by Jasser Auda, which are the development of the classical maqashid al-shari’a values developed by al-Syatibi.

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