Estranged but not strangers: Challenging organisational norms of access for people with disability and people from a NESB

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Vicki A Bamford


This research investigates organisations' ability to be inclusive. It seeks to isolate the conditions necessary for inclusion of the organisation's publics who identify with disability and who come from a non-English speaking background given they can be estranged. This is achieved through a case study of a service organisation that is obliged to engage with its publics and has a strategy to do so. Data were gathered from the organisation's documentation and interviews with instigators of policies and processes. Feedback from the organisation's clients was collected, focusing on their experience of being engaged and included given norms of inclusion may not be shared. A thematic analysis was undertaken of the data to isolate themes on inclusion. Themes revealed: a culture of inclusion; a policy that encouraged an exchange; and processes established by professionals with expertise to design and promote inclusion beyond their usual publics.

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Vicki A Bamford, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney

Vicki Bamford is a Senior Lecturer and PhD student in the School of Communication, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney. Her work focuses on the public communication processes necessary to enable inclusion between organisations and their traditionally marginalised clients by privileging new voice and listening processes.