Third Sector Governance in Asia: Tracing Hybridity

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Jenny Onyx
Louise Coventry
Sue Kenny
Ismet Fanany


Starting with the premise that modern western notions of good governance may be misdirected within a context of traditional Asian civil societies, this article investigates third sector governance practices in Southeast Asia. Case studies from different data sources are presented to suggest that there is no one ideal form of governance or accountability in Southeast Asian third sector organisations. Applying a western lens can serve to deflect attention away from the ways in which contextual factors affect the thinking and practices of accountability of local actors. The paper concludes that a process of hybridisation in governance models is taking place in Southeast Asian societies.

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Jenny Onyx, University of Technology Sydney

Emeritus Professor of Community Management

Louise Coventry, RMIT University, Melbourne.

PhD candidate at RMIT, Melbourne

Sue Kenny, Deakin University, Melbourne

Emeritus Professor in International and Community Development in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences,

Ismet Fanany, Deakin University, Melbourne

Ismet Fanany is Professor of Language and Society at Deakin University. His publications include works on contemporary Indonesian culture and society, proverbs, literature, and the social aspects of language use. ​