Mapping Progress : Human Rights and International Students in Australia

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Andrew Jakubowicz
Devaki Monani


The rapid growth in international student numbers in Australia in the first decade of the  2000s was accompanied by a series of public crises. The most important of these was the outbreak in Melbourne Victoria and elsewhere of physical attacks on the students. Investigations at the time also pointed to cases of gross exploitation, an array of threats that severely compromised their human rights. This paper reviews and pursues the outcomes of a report prepared by the authors in 2010 for Universities Australia and the Human Rights Commission. The report reviewed social science research and proposed a series of priorities for human rights interventions that were part of the Human Rights Commission’s considerations.  New activity, following the innovation of having international students specifically considered by the Human Rights Commission, points to initiatives that have not fully addressed the wide range of questions at state.

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Andrew Jakubowicz, University of Technology Sydney

Andrew Jakubowicz is Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science and a member of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre, University of Technology Sydney.