Community implementation dynamics: Nutrient management in the New York City and Chesapeake Bay Watersheds

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Glenn Earl Sterner
Ray Bryant
Peter J A Kleinman
Jack Watson
Theodore R Alter


The creation of natural resource management and conservation strategies can be affected by engagement with local citizens and competing interests between agencies and stakeholders at the varying levels of governance. This paper examines the role of local engagement and the interaction between governance levels on the outcomes of nutrient management policy, a specific area of natural resource conservation and management. Presented are two case studies of the New York City and Chesapeake Bay Watersheds in the US. These case studies touch upon the themes of local citizen engagement and governance stakeholder interaction in changing nutrient management to improve water quality. An analysis of these cases leads to several key considerations for the creation and implementation of nutrient management and natural resource management more broadly, including the importance of: local citizen engagement, government brokering and cost sharing; and the need of all stakeholders to respect each other in the policy creation and implementation process.

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Author Biographies

Glenn Earl Sterner, The Pennsylvania State University

PhD Candidate

Research Associate

Department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education

Ray Bryant, United States Department of Agriculture Research Service

Soil Scientist

Peter J A Kleinman, United States Department of Agriculture Research Service

Soil Scientist

Jack Watson, The Pennsylvania State University

Professor of Soil Physics and Biogeochemistry

Theodore R Alter, The Pennsylvania State University

Professor of Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics


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