How Laos is moving forward with REDD+ schemes

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Sithong Thongmanivong
Khamla Phanvilay
Thoumthone Vongvisouk


The forest cover in Laos has decreased over the past three decades for variety of reasons. The current Laos Government has committed itself to restoring the forest cover to 70 per cent by 2020. As a result, many conservation projects and programs have been planned and implemented in different parts of the country. REDD+ was introduced in late 2007; however, progress of implementation of REDD+ has been slow. This paper examines and updates the status of REDD+ implementation in Laos, using information from literature and interviews with relevant individuals. The paper reveals that progress of REDD+ is slow not only due to external factors but also on internal factors. Currently, there are various international organisations and NGOs, from both the public and private sectors, attempting to pilot REDD+ projects. Laos faces many challenges in implementing REDD+, including institutional arrangements; appropriate methods for carbon accounting, reporting and verification; benefit sharing; and engaging local communities.

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Sithong Thongmanivong, National University of Laos

Faculty of Forestry

Khamla Phanvilay, National University of Laos

Faculty of Forestry

Thoumthone Vongvisouk, University of Copenhagen

Department of Geoscience & Natural Resource Management, Faculty of Science